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Here you can explore and try some plugins.

Materializecss - automatic color search

Find closest color match between your color and Materializecss colors palete

Data protection - encryption by key

Encryption by key - is solution for data protection by password. Main idea is to encrypt sensitive data (e.g. customer contacts, e-commerce orders). All these data sets are encoded and it is impossible to read them. To decode data the key (password) is required, which is available for the owner only. Thus, even if data is stolen - it cant be used, if the key is unknown. Try yourself below:

Russian names generator

Curious module for generating random combinations of person name and surname. Select the type, gender, number, and click "Generate"

Facebook modules

Social network Facebook has a lot of opportunities for web. Check our some of them right here.

Online payment system demo

Online payment system example. Click the link and input any contact details. Choose payment system - PayPal or PaySera. Explore how it works.

Invoice builder in PDF format

Invoice builder - is interactive system, which allows customer to build and issue the invoice with his own resources. Such system optimizes seller resources, because now customer does this business process him self.

Calculate the distance between addresses

Type two addresses and click "Calculate". The system converts addresses into geographic coordinates and calculates the distance in meters between these points on the planet.

Invoice amount in words

Quite popular process is to type an amount in words working with documents. This task is well solved by computer. Type a number in form and function will convert your number into amount with words. In this page is english version only, but its available to generate in Russian and Latvian