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We expand and improve the functionality of your WordPress site using professional plugin development, with guarantees.

  • Calculators, widgets, forms
  • For automation, analytics, SEO
  • With demo version during development
  • With a 12 months guarantee
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Plugin Development: WordPress and WooCommercePlugin Development: WordPress and WooCommerce
Responsive design

Responsive design

When we develop the visual part of the plugin, we adapt the visual layout to your current template.

Testing includes: checking the responsiveness of the layout on different devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets) at different screen resolutions, operating systems, browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari). And also thorough testing of the work of forms, animation effects, display of fonts, navigation links and other key functionality.

Responsive design

Editable settings

All settings, coefficients and variables are transferred to the administrator section for convenient further editing.

An additional section will be created in the menu, where all settings will be located.

At the end of the work, we will provide detailed instructions for using the plugin.

Editable settings
Safe testing

Safe testing

As a development environment, we install a new testing website with the latest WordPress version (5.8.3). Which is used for further development and testing.

During the development process, we provide you with access to this test site as a demo version of the plugin and proof of its functionality.

Safe testing

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Types of WordPress plugins.

If you need to expand / create the functionality of your WordPress / WooCommerce site, we will develop an individual solution for you that will cover your needs.


The plugins we developed for WordPress

During the plugin development, like calculators, we adapt the visual layout to your current template. All settings, coefficients and variables are transferred to the administrator section for convenient further editing.

The plugins we developed for WordPress
The plugins we developed for WordPress
The plugins we developed for WordPress
The plugins we developed for WordPress
The plugins we developed for WordPress
The plugins we developed for WordPress
The plugins we developed for WordPress
The plugins we developed for WordPress
The plugins we developed for WordPress
The plugins we developed for WordPress
The plugins we developed for WordPress
The plugins we developed for WordPress
The plugins we developed for WordPress
The plugins we developed for WordPress
Developed 50+ WordPress plugins during the last year

Development of all the necessary functionality

As a result of our work, you will receive a functional plugin for WordPress, created according to the WordPress coding standards. Features:
  • Ability to make changes critical settings in the admin panel
  • New elements following the overall design concept
  • Compliance with the latest WordPress version 5.8.3 from 06.01.2022
  • Access to the demo version during the development process
Developed 50+ WordPress plugins during the last year


On time development within the fixed budget.

Get a functional working task solving plugin for your WordPress / WooCommerce website.
We guarantee full implementation within the stated period. Otherwise, we will give the money back.

Quick launch

Prompt start of work without long waiting - within 3 days

Price and terms

We fix the price and approve the terms at the first project stage


Product readiness according to the goals - 2 weeks

Escrow deal

We work through the BIYRO with all the necessary documents

We fix the price at the beginning

Before starting the development process, we will make you a bid, which includes the final costs and delivery terms.

At the second stage, we create a brief or technical task (if the implementation takes place in milestones). At this stage, we describe in detail developed functions and page structure. We fix this data and the final price in the BIYRO project management system without the possibility of editing.

No additional payments are required in this case. The cost is fixed until the end of the work.


How we work.

The average project development time is about 2 weeks from approval to launch.

  • Approval - 1 day

    We confirm the tasks and goals, and determine the deadlines. We distribute the project according to the Agile method into development and payment stages.

  • WordPress installation - 1 day

    Complete preparation of the WordPress test environment.

  • Preparatory functionality - 3 days

    Layout processing for visual plugins and development of the critical functionality.

  • Basic functionality - 2-3 days

    Main functionality development of the plugin.

  • Control panel - 1 day

    Administrator section and settings editing options.

  • Full testing - 1 day

    We check the quality on different devices, browsers and screen widths.

  • Demo version - same day

    We grant the access to the site's test version with the installed plugin.

    I will help you to find a tech based solution for your business needs. And provide you software consulting services to find the best solution for your project.
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Plugin Development: WordPress and WooCommerce

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  • How much does it cost to develop a WordPress plugin? (pricing)
    The total cost depends on the functionality.
    The average plugin development costs for online calculator are from 275€ to 350€.
    More complex plugins that sync or automate data - around 400€.
  • What plugin settings can be edited?
    During a plugin development, we move all critical settings to the admin control panel. This is a new, additional section where you can change the values ​​of all the settings anytime.

    For example, for calculator development, such settings may include: headers, field names, coefficient values, multipliers, list of options, etc.

    If your project requires editing of some minor elements, for example, the size of the text or its color, please clarify this when submitting the project. And we'll add them in the settings section.
  • Will this plugin work after WordPress update?
    Not all WordPress platform updates are so critical that the plugin will stop working. Therefore, the plugin should work for at least several years.

    Usually, a minimal tweak to a plugin's source code is enough to update it to match the latest version of WordPress.
  • How is the guarantee applied?
    The guarantee is a period of time, during which we are responsible for the developed software defects, if they arose through no fault of the customer.

    Therefore, if there are any errors during the guarantee period, inaccuracies or inconsistencies with the technical task or its description, such updates are free of charge.

    We also offer an extended guarantee - guarantee period extension. This is an additional service with separate payment terms. The monthly payment is agreed individually for each project.
  • What is BIYRO?

    BIYRO is the project management system that we use to make development deals.

    Making a deal through the BIYRO system provides several strategic advantages:

    • The system generates all the necessary documents automatically.
    • We get your payment only after your confirmation. Until then, it is stored on the platform.
    • The terms are fixed in an annex to the contract.
    • A refund is possible if we, for some reason, do not complete the project in full and before the deadline.

    We provide the secure deal concept.

    Payment through BIYRO:

    • 1) We create a project indicating its description, terms and payment terms.
    • 2) You will get an invitation by email.
    • 3) After your project confirmation, you make the first milestone payment to the BIYRO account.
    • 4) The project is starting automatically.
    • 5) We get payment only after your confirmation of the work performed.
Plugin Development: WordPress and WooCommerce


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2410 review from LatviaLatvia

Izveidojās ļoti veiksmīga un konstruktīva sadarbība. Darba uzdevums tika izprasts, piemeklēts labākais iespējamais ri...

Owner, Financial Services Company

2410 review from LatviaLatvia

Thanks to 2410, the client's business has been automated and their productivity has increased by more than 80%. The c...


2410 review from LatviaLatvia

Great job, Roman! It was very professional to work with you on my project


2410 review from LatviaLatvia

thanks Roman, fast delivery


2410 review from LatviaLatvia

very detail-oriented, understood all the requirements and implemented the calculator exactly how I wanted.


2410 review from United KingdomUnited Kingdom

It is always great working with Roman, He makes it clear what can be done and executes with extreme efficiency a true...


2410 review from South AfricaSouth Africa

Extremely fast response, delivered ahead of time. Even responding on feedback after initial delivery was nearly insta...


2410 review from NetherlandsNetherlands

Roman is very good at communicating and narrowing down the job as clear as possible to assure to get the job done on ...


2410 review from SloveniaSlovenia

Roman did a good job. Would recomment him.


2410 review from ItalyItaly

Fast and professional


2410 review from GermanyGermany

Absolutely perfect work. Easy work together. Listened exactly and finished the work which we wanted


2410 review from United StatesUnited States


Plugin Development: WordPress and WooCommerce


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