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We analyzed 30,000 Latvian websites

Roman Ruzin /

This research is based on 29633 business website technical analysis in Latvia. All the data is received from the publis sources.

Why? To understand average technical situation in Latvia and to find possible solutions for competitiveness.

Based on Latvian TLD registar NIC on the date of this research there was 127999 websites registered and active in .LV zone. This research covers 29633 websites, which is about 23% of the total Latvian websites.

I should highlight that this report is only about business websites. In this research are not included personal websites or other web resoruces. Business website means that it should say something about the services provided, portfolio images and at least contact data.

We analyzed server connection time, technolgies. We cheched download speed and HTML strucutre. In this research we analyzed only hompages. Because based on Google recomendations the hompepage is one of the most important pages for SEO

20 highlights:

  1. Only the half of Latvian websites is based in Latvia, 40% in EU, 10% in USA.
  2. Most popular hosting in Latvia - Nano
  3. Only 5% are ready for DDOS attack
  4. Only the half of website do have SSL / HTTPS
  5. More than 30% are loading more than 1s
  6. 20% do not have robots.txt
  7. Sitemap is defined only in 20%
  8. Web analytics is set only in 60% websites
  9. Each third Latvian website is built on WordPress
  10. 2/3 only are mobile friendly
  11. One third of all the website has outdated meta keywords tag
  12. 1% of all the websites still have Flash elements
  13. Only 8% do know about the theme color parameter
  14. Only third part is ready for social sharing
  15. Quater has strucutred data schema org
  16. In Latvia only 50% websites do have H1 title on their homepage
  17. The mailto link is used only in 35%, but the link tel - 20%
  18. The main language is latvian 66%
  19. Only 8% do not have any HTML validation errors
  20. Competition is too relevant