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This is a short story about how we automated WordPress with custom script development. And how to combine the orders from different websites into one main site.

In the summer of 2021, we were contacted by a social media account promotion company, which needed to simplify the work with online stores on several websites. The standard WooCommerce plugin couldn't cope with this task. We did it by creating custom plugins to collect requests from different websites and process them in one place.

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Client story.

This project is interesting in that its solution can be applied to any online stores built with WordPress CMS and its WooCommerce ecommerce plugin.

In this particular case, our customer was . Its main activity is the provision of services to promote accounts in such social networks as Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter.

For each segment of its audience, the company developed various technically different, independent WordPress websites. Each one could offer to choose a service and buy it.

However, the processing of requests from different websites was not very convenient for managers and further customer order processing.

The idea was to set up the processing of all transactions on one website. All the order information should be registered on a certain website, and the service purchase transaction should be completed on the main website.

The problem was that it was impossible to achieve using the free and paid plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce. The customer fell into despair when he asked us for help. We found a solution.

Our solution.

We offered to develop several custom plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce to solve this problem. One plugin had to collect data, and the second one – to receive it and send it for processing.

To ensure proper functioning of plugins, they were developed according to WordPress coding standards. The project took 2 weeks to complete.

The result.

Product choice

The typical product was designed in the standard WooCommerce style. In this case, the user can choose parameters of this product (WooCommerce custom fields):

  • Quality
  • Quantity

Filling the Instagram Username field in is mandatory. This is the ID of the user the chosen service will be provided to.

The page for choosing a product and its parameters / WooCommerce
The page for choosing a product and its parameters / WooCommerce

Checkout process

Having entered the link to the account the service is being purchased for, the user is directed to the ordering page.

All data entered in custom fields (WooCommerce Custom Fields) is collected by the plugin and sent to the main website domain after clicking on the Place order button. The ordering process takes place on a single website. All the order data is then intercepted and transferred to the main website. They are processed and carried out here.

Checkout page / WooCommerce
Checkout page / WooCommerce


Our solution saved the customer from the need to create many tools and add-ons separately on each website (setting up the payment system, integrating and managing orders).

Now only the main website is used to process requests, incoming payments and to carry out orders. The customer processes orders in one place without spending time collecting them from different websites.

We also offered the customer additional ideas for automating some work processes and added certain integrations.

Client review.

Owner, Financial Services Company

Thanks to 2410, the client's business has been automated and their productivity has increased by more than 80%. The client was impressed by 2410's availability during the engagement.

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WordPress automation | Case by 2410

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