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My name is Roman, I do web programming and Web development, web / CRM / CMS systems, online module creation, website mobile versions, and so on.

On this site, I suggest you get acquainted with my works (portfolio); read reviews; and learn, which skills do I have; as well as to test various interesting systems in Sandbox.

Conditions: I am interested in cooperation with your company in which you give me a task and I'm solving them. This type of work can be described as "remote" or "freelance". I work every working day, and therefore the implementation of projects takes place on the agreed terms.

I suggest you fill out a feedback form, and indicate where the link to your draft. I will contact you and we can discuss your problem in details.

My location is Riga, near to Riga Plaza shopping center. (Mukusalas 72)
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In this section are listed programming languages, which I use for development. And is described in very simple words how my knowledge could be useful for your task solving. As example: website creation, landing page, CRM / CMS system.
WEB programming language that lets you create beautiful websites, landing pages, web systems, display elements. extensionChange this website
It controls the style and design of the site. Indicates the color, layout and arrangement of the elements. It allows you to create mobile friendly website or landing page for any device. extensionChange this website
Performs processing on the server side, makes the page dynamic and flexible. It has a fairly wide range of applications from processing text data to processing / creating images, sending E-mails, downloading information from the Internet. extensionInvoice amount in words
Database. It contains structured information in the form of conventional tables. Where you can add, change and delete. MYSQL can contain all of the text or website for example, to store user applications. extensionRussian names generator
LINUX - one of the most popular operating systems in the world, which are likely to files on your site. In this system, you can install additional modules, such as for the picture processing, download information, automate processes.
The programming language that can do a good mathematical and analytical calculations. Effective for large computing and processing massive amounts of data.
Including JQUERY, which are able to create dynamic elements on the site. For example: photo slideshow, motion elements, pop-ups, tips, handling feedback forms and so on. extensionChange this website
Neural networks on PHP. This is an opportunity to add some artificial intelligence for computer. Neural networks are mathematical models that shows the probability of an event. extensionArtificial intelligence recognizes the color
Neural networks from Google. I recommend to watch visualization of neural networks on the official website -
Data collection - the process by which the computer automatically goes into pages and collecting data. The output is convenient for the table. Also referred to as the Data parsing, Data mining. extensionThis website data parser
Creating a system for automatically sending E-mail messages. Including a certain level of intelligence, as "was an email opened", "has user clicked on url"
Basics of computer vision. For example, OCR of the image, cropping the white background. This and much more can be programmed and the computer with this is great deal.

Social networks

Social networks, which I often use: Facebook, Vkontakte, Google Plus, Twitter. The list below shows most popular tasks, which I developed, but actually these social networks have huge list of possible opportunities.
Facebook, Vkontakte - Creating applications. For example, the user login to your site using the Facebook / Vkontakte account. This is achieved through the creation of applications. extensionFacebook modules
Facebook, Vkontakte - Automatic publications. The computer will publish your news automatically on a regular schedule. So you can create a list of publications once, and then forget about it for a couple of months. And the work will be done computer automatically. extensionFacebook modules
Facebook, Vkontakte - Integration to your website. LOGIN - user login to the site. LIKE - setting button "Like" on the pages of your site. SHARE - setting button "Share" on the pages of your site. Also, the installation of modules and embedded Content on Facebook. extensionFacebook modules

Online payment systems

Installation of the automatic payment collection systems. Your website users will be able to collect the shopping cart, and then pay for it through your website.
The payment system PayPal - allows you to accept payments from users from all over the world who have a PayPal account. Also, this system treats VISA cards and MaterCard. extensionOnline payment system demo
Payment PaySera system - works with Latvian banks. PaySera connecting to your site, you will be able to process payments to Swedbank, Nordea, VISA, MasterCard, Webmoney, SMS and so on. extensionOnline payment system demo

API and structured data

API - is like modern way of "communication" between IT systems. Known as command list to receive and / or send data between two systems. The list of most popular APIs.
Sending SMS messages. Ability to configure automatical sending of SMS notifications to your customers. For example, new promotions, discounts or reminders.
Google Maps. Create custom Google maps, online map modules (eg, interactive choice of delivery addresses or marquee). Geocoding - determination of coordinates for the address entered by the user. For example, to calculate the distance from your office to the customer in kilometers. extensionBusiness territory on Google Maps
Translate. A system that allows you to translate the text automatically. The main limitation of about 1 million characters a day, which allows to translate large amounts of text information in many languages. extensionMachine translation of texts
SCHEMA.ORG - an international standard / rules for creating structured data. For example, you've probably seen some Google search results are marked with asterisks - the so-called user rating. So your pages will be more noticeable in a normal Google search among your competitors. extensionStructured data
BING / AUZRE Search API - it is an opportunity to look into the Bing search engine materials automatically. For example, you have 10,000 keywords for which you need to pick up the pictures - it can be reached with an automatic search.


The processes described in a general way, that I am doing in the process of creating the site, or to create WEB system.
Flat design, Material desgin (Google), Material icons - modern elements that I use when creating and private offices for systems such as CRM / CMS. extensionDate input using Material Design
CRM / CMS - are systems that allow you to store customer information in a convenient form. For example, to get the whole story about the customer order history, history of queries. When all of the customer data stored in such a system, it is convenient enough to sort customers and sell them related products.


In this section, I present a list of frameworks and systems, with whom I worked during the execution of tasks. However, all have relatively similar frameworks logic and structure. Therefore, having the experience of working with only some systems can be fairly easy to learn how to work with others.
OpenX, ModX, TYPO3, OpenCart - site management and content pages.
Materializecss - the framework for the creation of site design in Material Design style, developed by Google. By the way, this website is also created using this framework. extensionDate input using Material Design
ImageMagick - a system that allows a computer to edit and stylize the image. For example, write a text over an image, add a shadow for it or make a filter like Instagram. extensionCreate a picture with your phrase
PDF file generator. A good solution to generate PDF invoices to customers or providing a user to create a catalog of selected products in the form of a beautiful PDF. extensionInvoice builder in PDF format
EXCEL document generator. Suitable for automatic generation of invoices, estimates and accounting reports for customers and employees. extensionExcel document generator


Experience with servers and computer settings for installation sites, IT systems. If you use the services of the hosting company, this section can be omitted.
Operating System - installation and configuration of the web server from scratch. For example, you have a computer from which you want to make a web server to store data or calculations. I recommend using the LINUX operating system
DigitalOcean - known IT company which provides dedicated Web servers. I have experience in setting up and configuring your site / system / network sites on a dedicated server.


I do development of mobile applications for the Android operating system. About 66% of the global smartphone market. I use Android Studio program for this kind of work.
Android applications. Currently, application development is processed on HTML + CSS

Google Chrome

Features of Google Chrome Apps please look here - Google
Google Chrome Extension development